WorldAware, formerly iJET International, Showcases Solutions at GSX 2018

WorldAware offers the core preparation, forewarning, assistance, and response capabilities that our clients have come to rely on to avoid crises. These services include:

  • Risk and threat awareness through intelligence alerts and reports
  • Global response and assistance in the event of an emergency
  • Business continuity plan consulting and policy review
  • Travel Risk Management planning and training

Watch the video below to learn more about WorldAware.

Join WorldAware experts at GSX 2018 as we lead the conversation on industry topics that impact your organization.

Moving Beyond an Army of One: The Value of Embedded Intelligence and Risk Management Personnel
Tuesday, September 25: 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Room: Xcelerated Exchange Stage, Booth #151
Presented by: Scott Johnson, Program Manager and Elizabeth Webb, Senior Intelligence Analyst

Headshot - Scott Johnson.jpg
Scott Johnson
Headshot - Elizabeth Webb.jpg
Elizabeth Webb

Nuances and Complexities that Affect Travel Safety for Female Employees
Wednesday, September 26: 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM
Room: N119
Presented by: Katherine Harmon, Senior Director, Category Intelligence and Elizabeth Webb, Senior Intelligence Analyst

Katherine Harmon x150.jpg
Katherine Harmon
Headshot - Elizabeth Webb.jpg
Elizabeth Webb

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